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Protect Your Valuables With a Personal Articles Policy

Get coverage beyond your homeowners or renters policy to replace your valuable items. A Personal Articles Policy could give you worldwide coverage for items not protected by other policies. Ask your State Farm® agent if a Personal Articles Policy is right for you.

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A Personal Articles Policy May Cover:

  • Bicycles (such as racing bikes and electronic assist bicycles)
  • Cameras
  • Collectibles (such as dolls, model trains, sports cards, comic books, and stamp and coin collections)
  • Computer equipment and software (personal use only)
  • Fine art (such as paintings and sculptures)
  • Furs
  • Hearing aids and medical devices (such as hearing implants and insulin pumps)
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Prosthetic devices (such as artificial eyes and limbs)
  • Silverware/goldware
  • Sports equipment
  • Sports, leisure, and powersport items (such as fishing equipment, bicycles, and golf clubs)

State Farm Personal Articles Policy Features

Worldwide Coverage

Personal property coverage applies anywhere in the world. When you go on vacation, items such as jewelry and cameras are covered (fine art items are only covered within the United States and Canada).

Replacement Cost Coverage

We'll pay the cost to repair or replace your personal property, without deduction for depreciation. The personal articles policy insures against theft and accidental direct physical damage to covered property with some limitations and exclusions.


Generally there is no deductible for a personal articles policy, although deductibles are available if desired.

Broad Coverage for Prosthetic Devices

Coverage includes physical loss or damage with few exclusions and your choice of deductibles.

Optional Personal Articles Policy Coverages

Broad Pair and Set Coverage

You will be covered for the full amount needed to replace an item of jewelry that may be part of a pair or set. For example, a pair of earrings would qualify for this coverage.

Inflation Coverage

The amount of coverage is automatically adjusted annually based on the Consumer Product inflation index. Valuable items should be professionally reappraised regularly.

Wedding Present Coverage

In addition to coverage for your engagement and wedding rings, we can cover your wedding gifts as well. Adding the Wedding Gift endorsement provides temporary coverage (before and up to 90 days after your wedding) to protect your gifts. Refer to the policy for a complete description of the Losses Not Insured.

If you have questions about personal articles coverage, contact a State Farm agent.


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