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Joint Tenancy Survivorship

Joint tenancy with survivorship is a way for two or more persons to hold equal interests in an asset. If one joint tenant dies, his or her share generally passes automatically to the other joint tenant by right of survivorship. This can eliminate questions about ownership of the account, and helps prevent funds from being tied up in probate court.

For example, if a married couple own an account jointly with rights of survivorship and one dies, the money in the account belongs to the surviving spouse.

Important Joint Ownership Information

  • A joint account or policy can be owned by two or more people.
  • Joint account or policy owners should be identified as "joint tenants with rights of survivorship."
  • Joint policy owners act together to make changes to the policy, and any owner can access its funds.
  • If one joint owner dies, the other owner(s) will have uninterrupted access to funds.

Opening Your Joint Ownership Account or Policy

Your State Farm® agent can help explain your options to you, assist in setting up your joint account or policy, and answer general questions you and your advisers may have.

Find an Agent Near You

Or call 844-242-1899 for a quote.

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Neither State Farm®95彩票网址 nor its agents provide tax or legal advice.

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