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State Farm®

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Drive Safe & SaveTM
Discount up to 30%*

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95彩票网址Or call us at 1-800-STATEFARM.

Or call us at 1-800-STATEFARM.

Screen reader users, please skip the previous and next buttons, choose one of the products from the buttons below, and enter a ZIP Code or select a State to start your quote.

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Or call us at 1-800-440-0998.

Or call us at 1-800-440-0998.

Start or Track a Claim

Start a Claim
Track a Claim

Prefer to call? We're here to help: 800-SF-CLAIM.

Prefer to call? We're here to help: 800-SF-CLAIM.

Learn about the claims process.

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Request Roadside Assistance

We provide 24-hour service if you need a tow, jumpstart, tire change, gas, or other assistance.

If you aren't a customer or don't have this coverage, don't worry! We've negotiated competitive rates that are less than what you'd find elsewhere.

Or call 877-627-5757.

New Rates. New Rides.

Get rolling in new wheels with a vehicle loan from State Farm.  Rates as low as 3.39% APR.1


1 95彩票网址Not all applicants will qualify for the "as low as" Annual Percentage Rates (APR) shown. Factors that may impact the final Annual Percentage Rate offered include the applicant(s) Credit Score, Loan Amount, Term, Collateral Model Year, and Loan Type.

Live Life Confidently

No matter where you are in life, we are here to help.

This is an exciting time as you start embracing your independence. Before you venture into the wild – let's look at options to help make sure you're prepared!


  • Renters Insurance

    If you're making a move, protect your stuff. Adding renters insurance to your car insurance is a smart move and affordable, too!
  • Credit Card

    Every dollar counts. State Farm Bank® offers several credit cards that can fit perfectly into your wallet and your life. Choose a card where you can earn rewards when you spend or a card with a competitive interest rate.
  • Checking Account

    No one likes going out and having to pay fees to get cash. With a State Farm Bank checking and saving account you can avoid ATM fees with our ATM fee rebates. Limitations apply.
  • Vehicle Loan

    Buying a new car? State Farm Bank includes Payoff Protector®* with every vehicle loan. It may help you avoid making payments on a vehicle you no longer own if your vehicle gets totaled or stolen.
  • Auto Insurance

    Saving money is important. That’s why we offer several discounts on car insurance. Check out all our discounts and talk to an agent to make sure you’re taking advantage of the ones you qualify for. (Discount names, percentages, and availability may vary by state.)


    "Being on your own is exciting, but a little frightening, too. You're in a great place to take your first steps towards a bright and confident future, and I'm here to help."

Change can be a good thing. With new beginnings, it’s important to think about what all that entails. Take some stress off with this need-to-know information.


  • Mortgage Loan

    A new home may be the largest investment you ever make. We will help you every step of the way. The State Farm Bank® mortgage team can help you determine the home loan you need and what you can afford.
  • Life Insurance

    There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your loved ones are protected. Use our life insurance calculator to get a personalized assessment on how much coverage you may need.
  • Home Insurance

    If you have a wireless home monitoring system (or are thinking about it) you may qualify for home insurance discounts and exclusive offers. Talk to one of our agents on how you can save!
  • Banking

    State Farm Bank’s checking and savings accounts are great options for budgeting and managing your expenses. We also have credit cards that you may want to check out, too.
  • Individual 95彩票网址 Account (IRA)

    Taking care of the needs for today can overshadow your plans for tomorrow. Stay on top of all your financial needs and ride through life protected.


    "You're starting to live the dream, but you've got more on your plate than ever before. Let's talk about how you can protect and provide for the people who matter most to you."

Balancing your family, finances, and future is a lot of responsibility. There are options for future planning including education expenses, saving for retirement, and much more.


  • Individual 95彩票网址 Account (IRA)

    Your financial well-being is important. Plan for the long run and see where you stand before you take your next step.
  • Education Savings Plan

    It’s never too early to start saving for your kid’s education. Plan ahead and avoid having an overwhelming amount of debt.
  • Credit Card

    Choose a credit card issued by State Farm Bank® that’s right for you. From earning rewards, transferring balances, and competitive rates, find the credit card that fits your needs.
  • Home Insurance

    Purchasing a new home? Discounts for combining home and car insurance can help you keep more money in your pocket.
  • Home Equity

    Your home may be the biggest investment you ever make. Tap into that investment with a State Farm Bank® home equity loan or line of credit. This may be a good option if you’re looking to make home improvements or make a major purchase.


    "This is an important time in your life. You've accomplished a lot, but you've got even more to look forward to. Let's find ways to help protect what you have, while securing an even brighter future for yourself and your family."

Life moves fast. Keep up with your protection and long-term milestones so you can spend more time enjoying life.


  • Mutual Funds

    As you continue to build your vision of financial freedom, regularly evaluating your strategy is a healthy habit. Make sure your strategy focuses on what matters most, even if your priorities change as life unfolds.
  • Individual 95彩票网址 Account (IRA)

    The closer you get to retirement, the more focus you’ll need to make sure you’re achieving your saving goals. Let State Farm Bank® help optimize your assets so you’re ready for when retirement becomes a reality.
  • Health Insurance

    As you experience changes in your life, your health coverage should adjust as well. Make sure you have a plan that’s right for you.
  • Life Insurance

    Did you know that life insurance can help pay for your children’s education, add to your retirement income, and/or provide funds for an emergency expense that may arise? Talk to an agent to discuss the right coverage for you.
  • Mortgage Loan

    Are you looking to downsize? Let State Farm Bank help you purchase your new home with ease!


    95彩票网址 "You're not slowing down any time soon, but I'm sure life without the daily grind is starting to look pretty good. Let's fine-tune your finances and retirement strategy to help ensure you're headed towards your goals."

Life is a great ride. You know what else is great? Knowing that your family and future are protected. Now’s the time to start looking into annuities, long-term care planning, and health insurance if you haven’t already.


  • Annuities

    Make confident, well-informed choices when it comes to your future. Consider fixed annuities to help reach your goals.
  • Connected Care

    Leading providers of medical alert and home automation products have exclusive offers for State Farm customers to help you stay safer and more connected with family and friends.
  • Estate Planning

    An estate plan can be as simple as having a will and life insurance, or it could use trusts, business continuation plans, charitable arrangements, or other elements. Talking to an agent can help you determine how much and what type of insurance should be considered.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan

    We have competitively-priced Medicare Supplement Insurance plans if you participate in Medicare. Plans may cover costs where original Medicare does not.


    "Your quality of life is important. Let's talk about ways to stretch out your retirement so you can live the life you've always imagined."

Find an Agent Near You

One of our 18,000 agents is here to help.


* Some customers could see a discount of up to 50%. Discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state and coverage selected. Enrollment, terms and conditions apply. Not available in CA, MA, NY, and RI.

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